Fire Stopping, Barriers & Encasements

Fire Stopping, Barriers & Encasements

Under the current Building and Fire Safety Regulations, all premises have to ensure safety of the occupants by incorporating in their design & lay-out adequate means of reducing the risk from fire & smoke to make sure that people can safely escape if such an unfortunate event may occur.

We can assist by providing a wide range of fire protection services aimed at preventing the spread of fire & smoke and maintaining or improving the fire compartmentation within buildings.

Fire Stopping to service penetrations running through fire rated walls and soffit slabs, including additional individual fire breaks installed to combustible services, such as fire collars

Fire breaks/ barriers within lofts, suspended ceilings or floor voids. These can be either rigid or flexible, depending on requirements, project design and site conditions.

Cavity barriers installed at the interface between the perimeter of a building and its external façade. These can be either ventilated or non-ventilated depending on the design of each individual project

Fire rated encasements to various M&E services passing through buildings, specifically required to contain at source the associated risks of fire or high heat, such as fire cladding to ducts

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With the assistance of OD Fire Protection we have the confidence to expand our business to include additional services including fire stopping, acoustic and fire barriers. Their knowledge and experience of products has proven invaluable in finding a solution for each and every situation and specification requirements.
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