Royal Opera House

Works: Fire stopping and fire boarding to steels

Royal Albert Hall

Works: Fire stopping

The Gerkin – 30 St Mary Axe

Works: Fire blankets, fire stopping, acoustic stopping

The Shard

Works: Fire stopping, Acoustic stopping, Acoustic baffles

The 99 Bishopsgate Tower

Works: Acoustic baffles, fire stopping

Walkie Talkie Building – 20 Fenchurch Street

Works: fire stopping, fire blankets, acoustic baffles, cementitious compound fire sealing

Templefields House, Harlow

Scope of work: Cavity Acoustic Barriers, Cavity Fire Barriers, Fire Stopping, Structural Fire Protection

Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3

Scope of work: Cavity Fire Barriers

Barclays Tower, Canary Wharf

Scope of work: Cavity Acoustic Barrier

The Manor, Crawley

Scope of work: Cavity Acoustic Barrier, Cavity Fire Barrier, Fire Stopping

Aldermanbury Square, London

Scope of work: Soffit Insulation, Structural Fire Protection, Fire Stopping

Price Waterhouse Coopers, London

Scope Of Works: Acoustic cavity barriers, Acoustic sealing.

KPMG Snowhill, Birmingham

Scope Of Works: Acoustic cavity barriers, Acoustic sealing, Fire cavity barriers, Fire stopping, Thermal insulation

Swiss Re, St Mary’s Axe, London

Scope Of Works: Fire cavity barriers, Fire stopping

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We have contracted OD Fire Protection to work on a number of our major projects throughout the year and have found their levels of specialist knowledge and expertise to be exceptional. It is a tribute to their management skills and attention to detail that has led to the successful outcome of the projects.
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