Acoustic Stopping & Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Stopping & Acoustic Baffles

Sound transfer (noise) is an important factor to consider in both commercial and residential environments as it can have many undesirable effects on the physiological and psychological health of those exposed. Privacy is also a key element that must be achieved in office spaces and to help tackle this issue we supply and fit for our Clients a variety of sound absorption materials, all based on project specific dB ratings, to either seal gaps formed in walls to allow the passage of services (acoustic stopping) or by installing sound absorbing materials within ceiling and floor voids (acoustic baffles) that can reduce the sound energy and limit sound transfer between rooms.

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With the assistance of OD Fire Protection we have the confidence to expand our business to include additional services including fire stopping, acoustic and fire barriers. Their knowledge and experience of products has proven invaluable in finding a solution for each and every situation and specification requirements.
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